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Silkworm Care

If receiving silkworms with chow:

Upon arrival, gently pull mesh out of the shipping container and place mesh, on its side, in the bottom of a storage container. Transfer all the silkworms and food to the new container. This allows the silkworms to breathe, as they like to crawl under the mesh during shipping and may suffocate if the mesh is not removed...

If receiving silkworms with mulberry leaves:

Upon arrival, gently remove silkworms from the container with three leaves. Place into a larger container with no lid (silkworms will stay on leaves and not crawl out). Place remaining leaves in a ziplock bag, press out all air, seal, and put in the refrigerator. Pull out one or two leaves at a time and feed to silkworms. Repeat as the silkworms consume most of the leaves in their container.

Food or leaves that are shipped with the silkworms will last 2 days. If not feeding silkworms to your reptile within 2 days, please order more food or feed Mulberry leaves.


After transferring and/or feeding your silkworms, place the lid back on the storage container (this keeps the food from drying out so quickly). Remember to air out the container every day for about a half-hour.


DO NOT refrigerate your silkworms – they are not like hornworms and will die if too cold

Keep silkworms out of direct sunlight and maintain them at room temperature

If you feed your silkworms mulberry leaves, they will not go back to eating the chow.

If you run out of food, you may shred carrot and feed to your silkworms for a day or two, until you get more food. The silkworms might turn to an orange color, but they are still very nutritious.


Silkworm mesh laying on side in container
Silkworm mesh laying on side in container
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